Dave Champion Show – September 2, 2010

I am the raving lunatic – at least according to Dresden James.
Update on the Dave Champion Handgun Course at Front Sight in Oct.
Examples of incredibly intelligent people who are really dumb!
A listener asks for clarification about “anti-Zionists” and/or “Jew-haters”. Dave shares his perspective.
What are the odds that the NYC mosque will bring “healing and tolerance”? Shall we look at history to guide us?
Dave revamps the “Islam Amendment” proposed for the U.S. Constitution.
The Left likes to tell us they’re for “peace” and “tolerance”. Are they really?!


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – September 2, 2010”

  1. Gintoki says:


    You are incorrect again.
    There are few anti zionist organizations
    Jewish Voice for Peace

    However, you are correct about your analysis about the Jew haters.
    They mask what they are saying exactly by saying what you claim.
    However, a closer examination will reveal what they are really saying.
    All you have to look at is who they associate with. Just take a look at stormfront.org (they say we are not racists! then you see what is on there and well it becomes obvious as to who these guys are)

    Another part of the anti jew crowd is that they love the Jews! Yes believe it or not, they love the Jews! But, only certain Jews. The Jews who…dislike anything Jewish!
    Like bro kapner and other like that.

    A criticism on your statement about anti zionism.
    You are not anti zionist but also not zionist? I suppose you are “neutral”
    Yeah there are people that just hate the Jews (usually they’ll hate the others too like blacks etc) and they are usually “neo”-somethings.
    Comment of McLamb, I think he purposely obfuscates info.
    He’s an odd fellow.
    And yeah I remember the day of the call in challenge! I’m surprised some of the more popular callers did not phone in. Perhaps they didn’t get the word?

    I will say this about Anti zionism vs Anti Jew sentiment

    Anti zionism if not approached from an objective view will lead to the latter.

    Sorry for the long comment and apologies for it being really late!
    I don’t get to tune into the show live much of the time.
    It’s too bad that you had to leave rbn because of that.
    However, you should’ve checked who the network was first. I actually found out about Rbn because of “anti jewish” forum posts!