Dave Champion Show – September 9, 2010

Charlton Heston’s words on political correctness.
Features up and prices down these days on tactical lights. Dave’s recommendations.
Another reader’s observations about “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths”.
The Left has nothing to offer the American people except deceit. Dave shares another example of their lies.
More evidence that Obama, Pelosi, et al, may indeed be conducting an intentional attack on U.S. world supremacy.
Leftist Congressman refuses to let media make audio or video recordings of his debate against opponent!
BBC Director General admits BBC has had a “massive” bias to the Left.
Two AZ citizens use firearms in self-defense and cop warns criminals not to pick on armed AZ citizen! Got to love AZ!
Dave says Patraeus has his priorities totally backward.
What does Dave think of burning the Koran?
NYC mosque Imam threatens all Americans.
More proof that Islam is intolerant of Christianity.


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