Dave Champion Show – September 16, 2010

How moronic must one be to not know fire burns? Yet politically this is exactly the case. 
Andover Township (OH) attempts to prohibit the right of free speech – ON CONSTITUTION DAY! 
There is a plan a foot for a credit union that will respect nontaxpayers. Can you help? 
Dallas Police Chief criminally prosecuting officers for unprovoked beating. Dave’s comments. 
Evidence that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Steven Breyer is a traitor and needs to be removed from the Court. 
What would you do if Sharia Law was made a part of American jurisprudence? Dave tells what he’d do! 
Why do Muslims always threaten violence when they are not happy with something? 
Every religion thinks the others are “wrong”. But only one will kill you for it. 
Boston mid-school takes its students to a mosque tied to terrorism. 
Muslim spokesperson lies to mosque visitors to make Islam look attractive to American youth. 


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