Dave Champion Show – September 23, 2010

A listener shares his views about “intellectual property rights”. Dave comments.
A listener in Dallas wonders whether to attend a function at which George W. Bush will be speaking.
Now producing underwear that also works as a gas mask? Really?
Is the GOP really doing much for moving America to the Right? New statistics say NO!
More on “gay-hating” and opposing “gays in the military”?
Where does all this gay-hatred come from? Is it Biblical? Dave explores that question.


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – September 23, 2010”

  1. tittiger says:

    I find your observations and commentaries on the bible captivating, enlightening and only wish you would do more. Perhaps if you get a second hour? LOL

    If you are not going to write a book on the bible anytime soon, then how about a reading list? Or are most of your thoughts original and derived from reading the bible? Thanks again Dave I cherish many insights from the show but the biblical perspective in particular.