Dave Champion Show – October 21, 2010

How many projects can Dave juggle at one time?
Tell me who said this quote.
How to starve an Obama supporter.
The shooters at Front Sight LOVED the Champion Molon Labe 1911 and are going to buy it!
Attendees of the Dave Champion Show Handgun course hang out at a little bar/club with their pistols on their hips!
Mormon Church [Utah] forbids carrying of weapons on church property but Mormons do it anyway – as they should!!!
A listener asks about who subtitle ‘B’ applied to. Dave tells you.
Black Panthers is militaristic uniform with clubs do not intimidate voters, but white “poll watchers” do. Oh please!
The firing of Juan Williams. One ironic aspect of our supposedly post-racial society.
James Cameron: A HUGE global warming hypocrite! But aren’t they all?


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