Dave Champion Show – October 29, 2010

Dave and Bill had fun kicking around some scenarios with which to tease Jew-haters.
A listener buys TWO Champion Molon Labe 1911 pistols in one day!
How much of Obamacare will “the Right” attempt to repeal when they take their seats in Congress?
Dave shares his conversation with two Muslim friends here in the U.S.
Dave explores the broad range of concerns that Americans have with followers of Islam.


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5 Responses to “Dave Champion Show – October 29, 2010”

  1. Gintoki says:

    Ok. Point taken on the groups. I was wondering about that while I wrote the comment. I had thought you were saying it in a contextual sense but I was not entirely certain.

    And I suppose point taken on the other comment.
    However, there are those who will argue that Stadtmiller is one of the “jewish agents” !
    What I have observed is that usually if you do disagree with some of these individuals…you are…(drum roll now)… a jew or something like that.

    I have seen this on a few online forums.

    Again in regards to the wn’s, they do put on a good show though. It at least gives an insight into their arguments.

  2. admin says:

    Gintoki. There may be hosts you consider “haters” on the networks I am on, but having hosts you consider as such is entirely different than the network owner intentionally bringing Jew-haters on board in quantity because he wants that as the theme of his network. That’s what Stadtmiller did.

  3. admin says:

    Gintoki. Actually I’m not wrong, no less “wrong again”. When I referenced “one Jewish anti-Zionist organization” I was stating that John Stadtmiller was relying on one such org when making argument. I was not saying there was only one!

  4. Gintoki says:

    Sorry I should correct it. It is as far as I know one show with many hosts. The previous post makes it sound like there are lots of shows like that.

  5. Gintoki says:

    Which host was it that made the comment?
    Also there are a host of haters on your current network too!
    While it is a heck of a show,
    It is like a who’s who of the WN (white nationalist) movement.
    The political cesspool.