Dave Champion Show – December 8, 2010

What did Edmund Burke mean when he said we need “chains upon their own appetites?”
A great letter from a listener of both the Dave Champion Show and Bill Carns’ “2A Radio.”
Those crazy Arabs: Egyptian govt official blames Israel for shark attack in Egyptian waters!
A listener questions why he should have to read U.S. Supreme Court cases.
We finally know what “sexual misconduct” Assange committed. He didn’t wear a condom!
How many Interpol warrants have been issues for not wearing a condom?
Swiss bank “suddenly” freezes Assange’s account.
U.S. internet firm capitulates to government pressure and dumps Wikileaks site.
Gen Petraeus releases 500 Taliban fighters. Not a word about it from those who castigate Wikieaks.
Where might Christian beliefs and professional ethics collide?
Hungary now heading into financial problems.
California is now modeling failed Europe nations in its budget response.
Chavez blames U.S. and others for rain in Venezuela.
FCC Chairman tries a tact to resurrect the defunct “fairness doctrine”.


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