Dave Champion Show – December 20, 2010

The Army may have well pushed Lt Col Lakin into an appeal.
Are too many Americans acting from their passions at the determent of rational thought?
Assange explains the technological reason why it would be impossible to have conspired with Manning.
Some interesting response to the crash in the U.S. of a drone owned by Mexico.
More scientific proof that Leftist’s brains work different than those of normal people.
Should Christians financially punish stores that don’t use the word “Christmas”?
U.S. government refuses to tell TSA worker how much radiation they’re getting from naked body scanners.
Senators warn FCC about initiating “net neutrality” regulations – but only Republicans.
The global warming “Cancun Con Job”.
England released the murderous Lockerbie bomber to save British firms from financial hardship.
Might there be a time that it is too late to fight back for our liberty?


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