Dave Champion Show – December 22, 2010

What attribute did Aristotle say was only second to honor, and why?
Dave asked people about the use of violence to solve our national problems. What was the response?
NJ Gov Chris Christie frees Brian Aitken, but it was not all he should have done.
FCC grants itself unconstitutional power over the internet.
Commissioner verifies Dave’s statements about the government’s claim to internet jurisdiction.
Dash cam again proves what Dave says: Innocent people die due to terrible police tactics.
Article from 2000 says children in the future will not know what snow is.
Julian Assange’s accusers made up their stories because he wouldn’t take an AIDS test!
Wikileaks docs show that Cuban government official think Michael Moore is a big fat liar.
Wikileaks docs show U.S. Dept of Energy installs nuclear detectors at Russian border crossings.


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – December 22, 2010”

  1. redthumb says:

    The liberty conundrum: Governments are erected to protect the rights of the citizens, yet when you elect to place the obligation of the protection of liberty under the power and authority of other men, they in turn will determine what rights they will protect, up to and including the extent they will protect any at all. Moreover, if the rights of the citizens offer no value to those tasked with their protection, or worse yet pose impediment to power, unless otherwise acted upon by the relentless force of the patriot, liberty shall forever yield to power. It is the very nature of power to consume liberty.