Dave Champion Show – December 27, 2010

What did Plato say was the true tragedy of mankind? Do we as Americans suffer from it?
Woman arrested for telling TSA they could not touch her breasts!
Even if we (wrongfully) give TSA the benefit of the doubt, is there a better way?
Napolitano says Obama best President on boarder security. Really? Where’s the evidence?
Dave shares another cautionary note about the text of the book, “The Dirty Dozen”.
Due to this show a listener promptly detected BS by GW Bush on the Dennis Miller show.
A listener asks Dave to clarify a pivotal issue from “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths”.
Clarification on who is a “U.S. person”, who can’t complete a W9, what to do about fraud, etc?
A listener asks about the legal ramification if Obama is later proven ineligible as President. Dave responds.
An article about the repeal of DADT that shows the opposition doesn’t have a clue.
Dave responds to the statement that sexual orientation doesn’t have any place in the workplace.


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