Dave Champion Show – January 7, 2011

What did Founder Father Tench Coxe say about “the unlimited power of the sword”?
Want an iPhone for $49.00?
Folks trying to salvage California’s finances just don’t get the underlying cause of the problem!
Hugo Chavez is running a “narco-state” and the U.S. isn’t being forthright about that.
Tax liens up 60%! Ready for “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths” yet?
Dialogue between Marc Stevens and IRS attorney proves everything in “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths”!
A listener asks Dave’s opinion about whether Captain Honors should be relieved from duty.
Dave reads Chuck Baldwin’s latest piece, “A Nation of Truth-Rejectors”. Amazing article.
When do you want your finger on the trigger? When do you want it off? Training v. the real world?
Secret Service interviews UFC fighter as “threat to the President”. Really? How stupid can it get!
68 year old un-armed grandfather gunned down as yet another casualty of the insipid War on Drugs.


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