Dave Champion Show – January 13, 2011

What did Aristotle say we have the power not to do?
Can one man stop others from doing wrong in that critical moment?
A woman stands up to fight using “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths”!
Senator Patrick Leahy runs his mouth about gun control proving he is a class ‘A’ idiot.
Laughner isn’t the only mentally ill person who kills. Some are called “legislator”.
Leftist politicians in Illinois keep pushing through a 67% increase in income tax!
Statements by Laughner’s high school pal prove the Left has been making lies up as they go.
Now they say Laughner did it because he learned the ills of the U.S. monetary system.
Dave discusses the ninnies that try to falsely characterize Giffords as “conservative” Democrat.
Dave details the tactics one may want to employ when going after an active shooter.


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