Dave Champion Show – January 24, 2011

A mystery quote. You tell me who said it!
What constitutes “the art of leadership”? And according to who?
Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie continues to make an ass of himself over Obama’s eligibility question.
Did you know that if you support fidelity to the U.S. Constitution you “wish the President ill”?
Why it is important to explain to strict “law & order” people that the War on Drugs is a 4 decade old failure!
Women in combat? Dave explains the prior tests, the current thinking, and the problem with it.
Endless prison for a man accused of no crime. Is this America?
Medicine withheld from Palestinians by Palestinians. Not a peep from the usual suspects because they can’t blame Israel.
Utah officer lies about UT law and UT prosecutor brings charges he knows are unlawful. What of accountability?


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – January 24, 2011”

  1. GoNuclear says:


    The war on drugs is NOT a failure, it is an OUTSTANDING SUCCESS!!!!! It’s just that the objectives of the so-called “war on drugs” are other than the ones that are publically stated. To believe that the objectives are as stated, you would have to believe that nobody in govt. today is smart enough or wise enough to have taken a lesson from alchohol prohibition.

    Here are some of the successes of the “war on drugs:”
    1) dollars are exported abroad, which mitigates the effect of inflation on prices of goods and services
    2) people, in the name of the war on drugs, have gone along with all manner of trashing of the Constitution and Bill of Rights
    3) The incarceration rates are way way up, making lots of money for the private corporations that run prisons these days and lining the pockets of their investors, including judges and politicians
    4) since the only sane thing to do regarding drugs is to license and tax distribution, but since that is illegal, local law enforcement licenses and taxes anyways but it is called corruption and bribery. The feds want corrupt local police forces, it gives them an excuse to barge in and take over.

    I’m sure other listeners here could come up with another dozen or so “successes” from the “war on drugs”.