Dave Champion Show – January 26, 2011

How the Nazis, the Left, and the U.S. federal government all practice the same philosophy.
The documentary, The Tillman Story, is now available for public sale!
A story that exemplifies how not understanding how law is written leads to ridiculous conclusions.
A prime example of “Patriot nonsense” based on a complete falsehood.
Can you trust what you find on the internet? A perfect example of something that is complete bunk!
A listener asks, can an American be a “taxpayer” and a “nontaxpayer” in the same year?
A listener has prepared a supporting CD for “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths” that you can acquire!
More detail about who is and isn’t a “U.S. person” in reference to the income tax.
A few stories of how citizens have used firearms to resolve problems.
Even in corrupt Chicago a court rules for the law – and against Rahm Emanuel!
City loses half its police but keeps restrictive gun laws so that its citizens can be raped & murdered.


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