Dave Champion Show – February 2, 2011

Benjamin Franklin’s model for “helping” the poor. Not what you might imagine.
Dave dissects the sick psychotic perspective that leads to the “entitlement mentality”.
Dave contrasts the old socialist model for America, and the new one.
Another judge declares Obamacare unconstitutional.
If a judge rules one part unconstitutional, can he strike down the rest?
Why has the GOP failed to act on Obama’s offer to sign a repeal of the new 1099 provisions?
Dave comments on events in Egypt.
What is the constitutional meaning of “dollar”. Is that meaning fixed in law?
A listener asks if the “Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin” give the state ownership of your car.


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – February 2, 2011”

  1. redthumb says:

    “There are two types of fools in the world: those who give without discretion, and those who take without deserving. Both are co-addicts, and both are each others enablers, together both destroy both dignity and happiness.”–redthumb

    “With very few exceptions in history, mischief promptly ensues the very moment any group of men organize, give themselves a name, and devise a means to control resources and exercise binding authority over themselves and others; this applies to governments, political parties, corporations, churches, charities, and even clubs.”–redthumb