Dave Champion Show – February 4, 2011

How do the words of Ayn Rand stack up against modern Leftist actions?
A great example – in his own words – showing the lunacy of the Left.
Why would Vermont elect an admitted Socialist to the Senate?
Is it possible for a Leftist to actually mean what they say when taking the oath of office?
Rep. Issa wants to see if agencies are following FOIA law. Leftists trying to block the inquiry!
Tillman’s death isn’t the only thing U.S. generals in Afghanistan lied about.
Wonder why Tax Honesty leaders don’t work together? Hear the lies of Dave Minor to find out.
Dave shares John Lott’s story of a scary encounter with Chicago’s Mayor Richard Daley.
Judge Vinson struck down the entire Obamacare law!
Listener asks if the McDonald case strengthens Congress’ hand concerning force CCW reciprocity.


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