Dave Champion Show – February 9, 2011

What did Jefferson say we should do regarding “style” and “principle”?
More people in the accounting trade reading “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths”.
Do we need the Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution if 17 year olds must take the oath to join the military?
How many military recruits know anything about the Constitution when they take the oath?
How much do you think police officers know about the constitutions when they take an oath to them?
Why not raising the debt ceiling is the acid test for those who believe in the Tea Party message.
Dave discusses the attributes that define a true conservative.
Dave delves deep into the perverse sickness that festers within Leftists.
What disturbing realities must we come to grips with when we learn that 80% of mental health professionals are Leftists?
A listener nails the Leftist agenda contained in the documentary “Frontline: The Warning”.
A listener asks if banks can legally be considered a part of the U.S. government.


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