Dave Champion Show – February 18, 2011

What did Jefferson say was your “best security” if you “mean to remain” free?
Dave has a frustrating day zeroing his rifle.
Famous Vietnam veteran, David Hackworth, says American soldiers “needed” a rifle like the AK-47.
Why does Dave give a fig what rifle U.S. soldiers (mercenaries) fight with?
A listener corrects Dave on the technicality of the action he wants for a future U.S. Army battle rifle.
Anti-gun commentator now has to eat his previous remarks about the nature of gun rights.
Hear the “reasoning” uses to explain why firearms should not be allowed on college campuses.
Dave explores the truth about U.S. firearms ending up in Mexico.
Dave explains why the Mexican government doesn’t stop the 36,500 firearms that DIDN’T come from the U.S.
Florida has a pending bill in the Senate to insure doctors don’t deny gun owners medical care.
Hear how a county employee completely evades a listener’s questions about a jury summons!


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