Dave Champion Show – February 22, 2011

Bill Carns sits in for the ailing Dave Champion.
Bill revisits the concept of 1 trillion.
Hear about the Fair Tax meeting Bill just attended as he tries to explain the concept and the holes in the idea.
Bill discusses the financial woes of Wisconsin.
NIA predicts further multi-trillion dollar budget deficits.


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – February 22, 2011”

  1. hairrazor says:

    Mr.Champion, I am so relieved you are on the peoples side we could not have advocate.To any one or any one group who has spoke against the liberty of any one person has not done there proper research or they cannot handle the truth. Maybe, someday if time allows it they will see the truth. All that I see is a great educator and a man with courage…. THank you, M.CHampion. May god be with us. Laurie Lafontaine, Livermore California