Dave Champion Show – February 28, 2011

Patrick Henry on revolution. Where are we in America on the curve to revolution?
Social Security, Medicaid, & Medicare are 57% of the federal government’s annual spending!
Do you know that Social Security is not legally applicable in the 50 states?
“Income Tax: Shattering The Myths” shows you the legal evidence of SS’s limited operation.
Dave suggests that it is morally destructive to America for the government to fund unconstitutional programs.
Arizona considering legislation to end state participation in Medicaid!
More doctors are choosing to no longer accept Medicaid and Medicare.
Cash-strapped city refusing to pay legal bills and judgements against its police officers!
Lawyer for family of man who executed a police officer are willing to drop lawsuit if police will apologize.
Mikhail Gorbachev confirms that Russia is essentially a country run by a mob boss named Vladimir Putin.
Alaska elected official drives and sails back to Alaska rather than be molested by TSA agents.
Soon some police officers may be required to dump illegal aliens at Congressmen’s and Senator’s offices!


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