Dave Champion Show – March 24, 2011

What did H.L. Mencken say “all governments” are against, including the U.S. government?
Dave explains why his current state of mind about America is not “hopeful”.
America is standing at the cliff’s edge. Do you trust 535 knuckleheads to do the right thing?
Why being a conservative in California is like being a normal human stuck in Zombieland!
Why California police respect “open carry” while police in others states sometime don’t.
U.S. Army Special Forces in Africa!
How NSA and NGA play the world-wide intelligence game.
Did you know that NSA & NGA routinely collect and maintain info that has no relevance to U.S. security?
With America on the edge of economic ruin, can we afford extravagant world-wide expenses?


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – March 24, 2011”

  1. houguy says:

    America’s economy is being propped up by wars and financial fraud. Withdraw either or both of these and the system will collapse!