Dave Champion Show – March 30, 2011

Donald Trump weighs in significantly on the Presidential birth certificate question.
Jesse Ventura sexually assaulted by TSA?
Philadelphia $300 “free speech” tax. How come no one ever asks what the “privilege” is?
Texas says it is “certainly legal” to hire a person without a SSN.
How come the truth so rarely makes into court?
Federal building bombing: How come John Doe #2, right here in the U.S., has never been questioned by the FBI?
Are Arabs like us? Woman jailed 8 months on adultery charge after reporting rape.
Listener asks why the “Full Faith and Credit” clause doesn’t force other states to honor his CCW.
Listener asks which U.S. citizens owe taxes on “foreign earned income” when residing abroad?
Listener is disturbed by the summary execution clause in “Constitution of the United States II”.


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