Dave Champion Show – April 27, 2011

Dave shares Lt Col Lakin’s observations about Frederic Bastiat’s writings.
Is Washington DC already, in very real terms, the “enemy” of the American people?
Dave gives you a much larger glimpse inside Constitution of the United States II!
Looks like Ron Paul will pursue the Presidency. Dave asks, “Is he a little long in the tooth?”
A listener about the importance of tactical field medicine in our future. Dave shares his thoughts.
A listener asks if he can “undo” the jurisdiction granted to the government in a “licensed” marriage.
A listener asks if Dave can actually disprove a particular “Patriot myth”. Dave responds.
Left v. Right? Statists v. libertarian? Who holds what view and what does it mean today?


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – April 27, 2011”

  1. tittiger says:

    Really an exceptional show. I would love to hear more of Constitution II.
    I suggested the other day that Springfield MO needed it’s own local Constitution because there seems to be no limit to what the tyrants will do to you here. You need their permission to do everything but to wipe your rear (so far) all rights are converted to permissions in Springfield MO.

    Also loved the thing on State marriages. I would love more details Dave especially the court cases. I have friends I want to talk out of being married by Caesar.