Dave Champion Show – May 4, 2011

Dave gives an update on his court case, defending against US DOJ attempt at censorship in America.
What did Justice Hugo Black say is the role of a free press. Is that happening in America today?
US DOJ goes after financial institution for the exact same crime IRS commits every day!
Why is evidence “chain of custody” important? How come Americans don’t deserve it in the bin Laden case.
By indulging their emotions instead of engaging their brains, Republicans are helping Obama get re-elected!
Intel and Spec Ops personnel tell Dave killing a high value intel target is simply not the way it’s done.
Dave explains why the U.S. is lying about the intel it’s getting from computers at the (alleged) bin Laden house.
U.S. military gives bin Laden a “Muslim funeral”? Oh please! Does anyone believe this nonsense?
White House can’t remotely keep its stories straight about the raid. When do people fail to keep their story straight?
A listener suggests the timing of the assassination may be intended to bring a terrorist attack to U.S. just before the election.
No one can offer a rational reason for destroying the body (evidence) within 24 hours. I can!
Dave tells you how the U.S. could have easily proven to the entire world who was really shot that day.


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