Dave Champion Show – May 11, 2011

Which famous black activist said “[T]he Democrats kill the Negro”? Is that still true today?
“Entitlement programs” are really nothing more than government distribution of stolen property.
Are black Americans helped by the distribution of property stolen from other Americans by government?
According to statute, what is the geographic limit of the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security?
Idiot Leftist, Stu Levitan, reinforces the Leftist perspective that “niggers can’t have guns!”
Moron Leftist, Max Read, bemoans the fact that in FL doctors can no longer ask patients if they own guns.
Hormone birth control, colognes, perfumes, and antiperspirants may be altering how attractive you appear to the other sex.
A listener asks Dave to comment on Romans 13.
A listener wonders if our “rights” are actually prescribed by “community standards”. Dave responds.


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – May 11, 2011”

  1. tittiger says:

    Per your comment on Chuck Baldwins Romans 13:

    He has 4 sermons on rOMANS 13 that were free to listen to but now looks like you have to pay to listen to to all 4 of them:

    Here is a great article on Lew Rockwell that pertains to Romans 13:
    Biblical Anarchism