Dave Champion Show – June 1, 2011

Gandhi said no price was too high to pay for freedom. Is that how Americans feel today?
JFK said “conformity” is the “jailor of freedom”. What about the “unthinking obedience” demanded of Americans today?
Dave says he’s never once seen the media portray the constitutional Militia of the states in a positive light.
U.S. wants “black box” in your car and your internet activities kept for years by force of law. Got liberty?
Government pitches minor role for “black box” in your car, but will it stay that way. Dave says, not a chance!
Is government controlled land, known as “public lands”, really for you?
Pima County SWAT team’s lawyer, Mike Stories, proven to be the lying scumbag he is.
Dave breaks down the video of the Pima County SWAT raid and explains how deputies created Guerena’s death.
What do we make of the claim by Guerena’s wife that SWAT deputies placed Guerena’s AR15 next to him after they shot him?
A listener asks about shooting cops who are committing a violent felony in your presence.
A listener posits that the constitutional Militia should have the same quality of gear as the local “standing army” (i.e. police).


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