Dave Champion Show – June 21, 2011

Is the government violent with Americans because we’ve permitted it or do you permit it because you’ve been cowed by it?
Dave had to put his hand on his gun in public, in a very obvious manner, to insure a bad situation didn’t develop.
Justin Moore has a new song out; “Guns”. Dave previews it for you!
More evidence that mob violence only exists in America in places where there is gun control.
Acting ATF Director Melson resigning to save Obama and Holder’s rear ends. What bribe has Melson been offered?
Not a chance in hell Chavez can win the 2012 election in Venezuela.
How will he stay in power?
California experiencing a mass exodus of businesses! Proves socialism and business cannot co-exist.
U.S. is now attempting to share the mineral mining profits with the Taliban. Didn’t U.S. claim Taliban was behind 9/11?
Dave discusses whether to be polite to Leftists or to tell them the truth about who they are to their faces.
How do you shut up the noisy barking dogs next door? Dave tell his humorous story.


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