Dave Champion Show – August 4, 2011

What do we now call the former “U.S. Revenue Cutter Service”?
Obama has Spec Ops troops in more countries around the world than Bush did, with more planned!
How today’s ninnies have transformed yesterday’s “fantasies of young men” into today’s legal nightmare.
Do limp-dick dads produce limp-dick sons?
Leading financial voice says U.S.’s saving grace may be that our national debt isn’t as terrible as Europe’s national debts.
Ron Paul’s ugly (but very likely true) prediction for the economic future of the U.S.
Two views: Keynes v. Hayek. You decide who is right!
Dave is asking a question everyone else is too politically correct to ask about Gabrielle Gifford’s recent vote in Congress.
Why Obama LOVES it when Operation Fast and Furious weapons are found in Mexico.
Whether it’s guns into Mexico by ATF or cocaine into the U.S. by DEA, do you see any accountability for these illegal acts?


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