Dave Champion Show – August 10, 2011

Hugo Chavez still in Cuba. Could we (and Venezuela) be lucky enough that he’s actually going to die?
Do you know what Obama’s approval rating is with Muslim Americans? It says something about Obama.
What might stop cops from pick-pocketing hard-working Americans via traffic tickets?
FBI maintains “criminal files” on almost a quarter of the American population!
Dave answers a listener’s detailed questions concerning the 14th Amendment.
Dave views concerning why some of today’s youth will commit violence at the drop of a hat.
If Dave is right, the “cure” for ever increasing youth violence is hard and ugly. Be ready!
Based on sales, 2011 appears to be “The Year of the 1911″!


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – August 10, 2011”

  1. shorawitz says:


    If at all possible, I would love to see you debate Dan Pilla regarding the Income Tax. I just listened to him on another show and while he has a great passion for justice and is trying to help the common man fight the Instant Robbery Squad, he seems to want to ignore what you talk about on your show and your book regarding what the law really says about the Income Tax and who it applies to. I think it would be great if you could educate him so we could have another passionate individual out there fighting the good fight. I’ll be sending emails and comments to radio shows that might facilitate such a debate, in the hope that this event can happen.

    Thank you as always,

    David Christensen (the other one from the communist nation of CA)