Dave Champion Show – September 14, 2011

Dave talks about the modern application of Madison’s quote, “If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”
Edmund Burke speaks of “bad men [who] combine.” Who might those be in America today?
California is going down the financial tubes. While the legislators are fixing none of the problems, they still have time to pass anti-gun laws!
Catholic Church abuse victims have filed a complaint with the ICC against the Vatican and the Pope for hiding child-molesters.
Woman who viciously beat a transsexual gets 5 years in prison.
Dave tells the story of a transsexual who had the balls [pun intended!] to come out to Front Sight and train!
A listener asks why women seem less interested in the message of liberty then are men. Dave shares his view.
NYC institutes “checkpoints” to indiscriminately search vehicles. Dave talks about the imbeciles that think its a wonderful idea!
The Congressman who conceived the original TSA legislation says TSA should be shut down.
Federal court says vehicle searches based on a “hunch” are not legal. Really? It took a judge to tell the cops that???
Based on the conduct of our fellow citizens, Dave questions whether America is any longer the “home of the brave.”


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