Dave Champion Show – December 13, 2011

What did Winston Churchill say destroys respect for the law? Do we have that reality today?
Isn’t it fascinating that Ron Paul sounds a lot like Thomas Jefferson!
Madison on “popular information”. How does federal internet regulation threaten our access to “popular information”?
Is federal overreaching on internet copyright protection accidental or intentional?
What message shall we take from the fact that a majority believe “big government” is the biggest threat?
American family tagged as “anti-government” is surveilled by Predator drone. Looks like their views were right!
Newspapers and the TV & movie industries find every supposed reason for declining revenues – except the truth.
U.S. about to start ANOTHER war. U.S. Special Forces move into Jordan, near Syrian border.
Stupid Americans who never question U.S. imperialist motives as long as U.S. kicks everyone’s ass.
Dave discusses the new American ethic: Mediocrity.


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – December 13, 2011”

  1. tittiger says:

    Were you NDAA’d Dave?
    Starting to worry about you but I don’t know anyone that might know how to contact you.