Dave Champion Show – December 17, 2009

Traveling to Kalifornia. It’s ugly.
Dave asks, “What happened to the Swine Flu?”
Is the U.S. military really willing to lose $6,000,000 in assets because of a punch in the nose?
Good news – states are relaxing gun laws. And Kristin Rand is a big fat liar!
Senate is preparing to vote on a version of the healthcare bill that no one outside the Majority Leader’s conference room has ever seen!
Do we need a Constitutional Amendment to stop a bill from being voted upon that isn’t available to be read by Congress well in advance?
A listener is railroaded by police and asks what to do about it.
What will happen to a culture that does not produce 2.11 babies per family?
Dave’s radio show website is blocked by corporate server as being a “Malicious Site”!
What kind of help can you expect?


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