Dave Champion TV Show – Can an uninformed public make choices that will save America?


Great shooting opportunities!
A viewer agrees the Fair Tax is not an answer but wonders where we go from here. Dave responds.
How can Americans make good decisions when they believe facts don’t matter?
Can Americans know what a better tax system might be if they don’t know the truth of the current one?
Can people work for better economic conditions in America if they know nothing about economics?
How can people hold a credible opinion of what really happened on 9/11 if they don’t know the physics of it?
Dave highlights a Congresswoman who is assaulting an unalienable right while being completely ignorant of how the items operate.
Dave tells a Congresswoman, “You are a liar!”
Dave lays out the various federal actions on firearms and asks you, “Has this right been infringed?”
Email Dave with your suggestion about how to fix America! dave@davechampionshow.com

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