Dave Champion TV Show – Nat’l retail sales tax; getting correct info; an “open carry” myth.


Would Americans be able to determine if any “alternative tax” is Constitutionally permissible?
Do you know the common failing of every proposed alternative federal tax system?
Constitutionally speaking, do you know which type of tax a National Retail Sales Tax is?
Dave explains how Sales Tax really operates, not how the public thinks it works.
Would a National Retail Sales Tax (i.e. the Fair Tax) be constitutional?
Do you want to get your political information from the same slick delivery artists or someone real?
If you truly believe in liberty, do you need any laws?
Why is America’s prison population so high?
Dave dispels a long-standing myth about “open carry”.
What may be the best way for you to advertise your ethos of self-responsibility for you own safety?

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