Dave Champion TV Show – 5/10/13 Are Christians under attack in the military? A ninny insults open carrying of handguns.


Will politicians in Washington D.C. now have to “sign off” on scientific research results before they can be released to the public?
A letter written by Minnie Flemming of Virginia Beach; an idiot who characterizes open carry as “flaunting” your weapon.
Dave explains why he wants judgmental asses like Minnie Flemming to wear visibly noticeable clothing.
Which mode of carrying a handgun is best for dissuading criminal activity?
What are the two differing interpretations of the Koran that separates violent Muslims from non-violent Muslim.
Can a demographic that constitutes 80% of the population cast themselves as “victims”?
Dave dispels the nonsense story that Christians in the military are going to be courtmartialed for “sharing their faith”.
Why are people moving away from organized religion?
Was the Army “attacking Christianity” when it removed Lt. Col. Dooley as the instructor of a course on Islam?
Why have some Christians become so invested in the lie that Christians are under attack in America.
Dave details a big Court win for constitutionally protected speech, and Christians.

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