Dave Champion TV Show – 6/7/13 Dave gives you the initial breakdown of what the NSA is doing to America.


Leftist anti-violence advocate is arrested for smacking his wife around.
Are Americans fine being raped by the IRS as long as everyone is raped alike?
Dave explains that the FISA court is NOT a true judicial court.
Dave explains that the NSA is a military organization, not a part of civil government.
What is “metadata” that the government is collecting?
What is the scale of the NSA’s data collection
Is the government also illegally collecting the content of your calls?
How much information can the government extrapolate from your metadata?
Who is the federal government really protecting itself from?
Is the American media and the federal judiciary thoroughly compromised?
How a public school is, in a practical sense, removing words from the dictionary, aka Orwell.

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