Dave Champion TV Show – 6/21/13 Govt. IS listening to your calls! 5th Amendment dead? Flight 800 truth revealed.


Dave tells you why Chicago violence will soon be decreasing.
Dave was right. The government IS listening to the content of your phone calls without a warrant!
Is there any evidence the “Islam is the enemy” story was made up by the U.S. government and fed to you?
Did the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision (Salinas v. Texas) end the 5th Amendment?
Dave discusses the practical solution for you to overcome the recent 5th Amendment Supreme Court decision.
Retired federal investigators say they were pressured to lie about what happened to Flight 800 in 1996.
Dave tells you what really happened to Flight 800 that killed 230 people.
Might those who resented Christian control of American culture be getting a little “payback” now that Christian dominance of the culture has ended?

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