Dave Champion TV Show – 8/9/13 CIA hiding the truth behind Benghazi. Navy SEALs knew something was wrong before deploying.


U.S. claims about embassy threats is meant to divert your attention from the recent truth about Benghazi.
CIA is giving Benghazi survivors aliases & hiding them from Congressional investigators by relocating them throughout the U.S..
Father of Navy SEAL confirms Dave’s story about “Extortion 17″.
Navy SEALs who died in Afghanistan told their families they knew something was very wrong before they deployed.
Leftist demonstrates that he is only comfortable with people who are just like him – especially if they are armed!
The craziness of saying that you oppose divulging government secrets.
What does it mean for America when media & the legal community shuts their eyes to an obviously constitutional violation?
Does the sentence “God, guts, and guns made America free” mean anything anymore?

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