Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 7/5/13 How many Americans would the fed govt kill to maintain power?

DAVE’S TV SHOW 7/5/13 If the massive NSA surveillance program is intended to stop terrorism, why is the U.S. spying on its allies? Dave encourages you to read his article detailing the FACTS involving in the Zimmerman trial, at http://www.davechampionshow.com/archives/?cat=8. Dave tells you about the U.S. govt?s ?continuation of government? doctrine. The U.S. govt has developed its own ?consciousness?, How many Americans will it kill to survive? Are any of the decisions the fed govt makes under the ?continuation of govt? doctrine for your benefit? In his apology for lying to Congress, James Clapper lies to Congress again! Is it coincidence that the Soviet Union propagandized Middle East Muslims to hate Americans and the U.S. govt has propagandized Americans to hate Muslims? Should the U.S. government have the power to cancel your passport? Dave provides the details of U.S. govt?s actions that forced the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor.


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