Dave Champion – March 23, 2012

What are the only two ways John Adams said a nation can be enslaved? Which is taking place in America? Dave details the fatal flaw for the survival of America if you vote for Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich. How many times can the American electorate be lied to and still believe the next lie told to them by politicians? Dave has changed the dates of the Buddy Tactics class!!!! A listener asks Dave how to adjust his thinking that something is just wrong about carrying a gun every day! Dave discusses the best place to keep you gun safe. Dave discusses the moral duty for Americans to carry a pistol. Have you read Dave?s article on carry firearms daily? You can see it at http://www.davechampion.net/index.php?page=carrying President Warren G. Harding said he couldn?t find a book to explain taxation to him. You now have one! www.incometaxtruth.com. A listener comments on the federal injunction against Dave. Dave give his response to the judge?s injunctive order. You?ve got to hear this!


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