Dave Champion Show – November 27, 2009

If post 9-11 security is really about anti-terrorism, how did two casual “party crashers” get into the White House uninvited?
Dave responds to a listener’s remarks about how people address tax issues “on Main Street USA”.
Are all used car salesmen the same? Dave tells you about one who isn’t!
Idaho representative (and Tax Honesty advocate) Phil Hart is coming to Front Sight and will be providing peer review for the book.
After being lied to by the Left on gun control, it appears the Australian Senate does not believe the Left on global warming!
All those who say that global warming is man-made are liars/manipulators. They have to be because there is no scientific evidence to support their claims.
“Fat Albert” (Al Gore) runs from an angry crowd in Chicago.
More evidence that the Catholic Church bureaucracy is evil to its rotting, festering core.


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