Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 10/4/13 How can we stop govt. abuse if we won’t even speak to one another?!

Alan Greenspan says the economy cannot be fixed until we fix our political process.
Dave discusses why the federal government’s “shut down” is just another scam.
U2′s Bono is as much of a hypocrite as every other Leftist.
Why Michael Savage is dead wrong about the need for a “common culture”.
Dave explains that all America needs is for its citizens to adhere to a singular theme.
Were the punk rockers of the 80s way ahead of society concerning the harm government does to liberty?
Has peace become a salable commodity?
The story of an American mother who would see her children shot if they chose to be “different”.
Why all Americans should collective say “NO!” to government actions 99% of the time!


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