Dave Champion Show – November 12, 2009

Chicago mayor, Richard Daley, proves what a horse’s ass he is!
Like so many of its socialist neighbors, Cuba can no longer meet its energy requirements.
U.S. Secret Service agents run down and kill a pedestrian. Any bets on them being found to be at fault?
Lou Dobbs leaves CNN – but he was actually forced out.
Look…there’s a little bit of powder on the floor. Shut everything down and call out the Haz Mat teams!!!!
Arizona law enforcement claims that an officer’s pistol discharged while holstered. The good citizens of AZ should never believe a word he says from the witness stand because he’s a liar!
ATF Special Agent, Andrew Traver, lies about “assault weapons”.
What is one of the moral duties of firearms ownership?
Should Muslims be permitted to work within government?


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