Dave Champion TV Show – 10/25/13 Is “martial law” actually law at all? FISA Court created under “war-making” power.


Some Americans want Dave to know they DO care about the law.
Scalia said the USSC rejected the truth that the 14th Amendment protects only a limited class of people. Is he telling the truth?
What are two the preeminent rules of Constitutional interpretation?
Do words in a court’s “dissenting opinion” carry any weight?
Why is it so important for the government to lie to the American people about the 14th Amendment.
Is Admiral Poindexter’s erstwhile “Total Awareness Program” still alive and well in America today?
Does the NSA have YOUR email address book? if so, why?
Would you rather be free or provided with the false illusion of protection from the federal government?
The FISA “not-a-real-Court” exists under the federal government’s war-making powers.
More Snowden bombshells to come!
Is there any “law” in martial law?
What IS martial law?

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