Dave Champion Show – November 10, 2009

A Front Sight milestone: FS trained more people in one weekend than any training facility in the U.S. – ever!
Dave shares his thoughts on helping to train more than 600 Americans to be able to defend themselves and their loved ones.
Dave’s book has had “test readers”, but is it ready for peer review?
After forcing hundreds of people from their homes, Pfizer just walks away from the land in the infamous ‘Kelo’ Supreme Court case.
American men seem too “obedient” to be able to defend themselves from a violent attack.
Dave says, No more empathy for the unarmed victims of homicidal maniacs in mass shootings!
Fort Hood – the “blame game”: Dave tells you who is REALLY at fault.
If you don’t buy Nazi Pelosi’s health care, you could get 5 years in jail!


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