Dave Champion TV Show – 5/13/14 How “originalism” is being used to undermine unalienable rights!


Did the “Anybody But Rick Marshall” people vandalize their own signs?
If Nye Country deputies have been rude, disrespectful, or arrogant, who would be responsible for that?
How the Fort Collins (CO) Police Chief, John Hutto, is violating the U.S. Constitution.
Who is it in America that shoots people illegally, or shoots the wrong person, or shoots bystanders?
Hawaii law has changed, limiting vice officers to only receiving a hand-job or blow-job while on duty.
Was it the U.S, Russians, or the Chinese that dropped an entire U.S. air traffic control system last week?
How America’s legal elites are using the appeal of “originalism” to undermine unalienable rights!

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