Dave Champion TV Show – 7/15/14 Write “fuck you” on a police Facebook page, go to jail!


Man arrested and prosecuted for posting “Fuck you” on a Facebook page set up for a police agency.
The racists who refuse to watch the Dave Champion Show.
Is there racism involved in U.S. politics?
Why Rand Paul has stopped being publicly critical of the “War Hawks” in the GOP.
The US. government, and its complicit media, now painting ISIS as the new “Boogeyman”.
What kind of people defend the false claims of the Bush administration that Iraq had WMDs?
How the GOP is encouraging America to go down the Leftist toilet.
Since Utah has no cards worth a damn, why not double-down and take the same-sex marriage issue to the U.S. Supreme Court!
Dave explains why those who say “government shouldn’t be involved in marriage” use it disingenuously to stop gays from marrying.

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