Dave Champion TV Show – 12/2/14 Should Americans trust the FBI after it murdered 6 of its own agents?


Dave finally makes good on his promise to show you his hand tattoos.
Get ready for a new TV show with Dave and Bill Carns!
Should cops be tried for a criminal offense for stopping citizens from filming cops?
Former prosecutor gets 10 days in jail – for withholding evidence that sent an innocent man to jail for 25 years!
How the FBI tried to get MLK to commit suicide – and then murdered 6 former and current FBI agents who were going to testify.
Why “old” stories of government criminality are relevant today.
Dave explains why Ferguson cop, Darren Wilson, is a bad cop – having nothing to do with the Brown shooting.
Putin and Saudi Arabia substantiate Dave’s earlier representations about the U.S. attempting to subjugate Russia.
Russian electronic warfare plane shuts down the U.S. Navy’s advanced Aegis Combat System and renders USS Donald Cook defenseless!

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