Dave Champion Show – August 25, 2009

Hollywood is filming a remake of Red Dawn! The movie “Haters” call it a “cult” movie.
Can one follow instructions on how to use a firearm yet somehow be unable to follow instructions on how to sign up for the course?
Dave discusses recent revelation from Obama’s DOJ about certain CIA interrogation techniques.
Obama places himself as the direct and final arbiter of what methods of “aggressive interrogation” may be used.
Good court quotes saying the government must show the law in tax cases.
Dave re-states the principles that control the relationship of the 14th Amendment to the Articles within the Bill of Rights.
A listener asks Dave why he acquired a CCW.
A listener questions whether “Public Policy” has trumped the written law. Dave responds.
White House and the CDC are telling big ol’ whopping lies about the Swine Flu. They are engaged in a “campaign of terror”.


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