Dave Champion Show – August 19, 2009

Man with AR15 at Obama venue was contrived in advance by RBN host, Ernie Hancock. Good job!
Second Amendment Foundation sues Washington D.C. government over refusal to issue concealed carry permits.
Why are these suits focussed on Washington D.C. instead of places within states of the Union? Dave explains.
Paterson, New Jersey, wants to enact a completely unconstitutional curfew for all adults!
A great listener email.
What “gun control” and the Paterson, New Jersey, “curfew” have in common.
To what extent should law abiding citizens of Paterson, New Jersey, resist enforcement of the curfew upon them?
The U.S. Department of Justice asserts in court documents that it should not have the “burden” of proving liability when asserting a tax crime has been committed!


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